Attempted Opera Night
September 25, 2009

So tonight I’d really hoped to see “Turandot” for 100kc at the State Opera House.  I met with my friend from class and we were all dressed up and excited.  But, fate had other plans and no tickets were available for under 400kc, so we decided not to go.  Instead, she and I went in our opera clothes to a street vendor for fried food and a beer.  She had a fried camambert sandwich (recommended) and I had a surprisingly giant potato pancake (too greasy).  I’ve also discovered that I like Gambrinus beer – apparently it’s known as a girl’s beer because it’s on the lighter side – much more mild than Pilsner Urquell.

Then we called it a night and I made my traditional stop at the Billa supermarket on the way home from the Metro.  Hopefully I’ll be here in Prague long enough to see “Turandot” performed again – it will be on in another two weeks.

Tomorrow I might be going to Karlstein Castle in the countryside outside of Prague for an autumn wine festival – maybe.  We shall see.

And just for the record – I’m 3/4 done with the CELTA – can you believe it?!  Only 1 assignment and 2 lessons left. Wow! And then I’ll be qualified to enter the wonderful world of getting paid to teach EFL. Yay!  Goodnight!