A Week Come and Gone
September 10, 2009

I can’t believe I’ve been here a week! – It feels like I’ve been here much longer.  I’ve been so active and busy recently that time has been playing tricks on me.  So far, I’ve seen major tourist spots in Prague multiple times (enough for me to be frustrated with slow-walkers on Charles Bridge), had a few pivos and  know my metro ride to the city center by heart.  Not only that, but I’ve gotten through almost an entire week of my month-long CELTA course – two lessons already!  My lesson today on listening went extremely well, even though it was an easy topic to plan.  It really boosted my morale and self-confidence to get such positive feedback.  If only all lessons could be that straightforward.

Since I have no lesson to teach tomorrow, I decided to go to the city center this evening to overcome the I’m-in-Europe-but-it-feels-like-suburban-America-but-with-a-different-language blues.  I took the metro to Old Town Square in the Stare Mesto (Old Town) district, where I found the Anagram bookstore.  It was a neat little English-language shop and I found out that the saleman is also an English language teacher here, so he gave me some job-hunting tips.  I had a photo-taking marathon in Staremestske nameste (Old Town Square) and found a good balance between peaceful sunsets and touristy-ness.  St. Nicolas (Stare Mesto) with tourists/locals relaxing shoulder to shoulder

Later, I ambled around towards Nove Mesto (New Town) and found the Palladium, which is an American-style super shopping mall, complete with food court and H&M clothiers.  From there, I traveled towards Wenceslas Square where I tried my first fried cheese on a bun – not as amazing as I’ve been led to believe, but still tasty.Statue of St. Wenceslas with National Museum in background

Finally I made it to Budejovicka (my Metro stop), went to the supermarket, bought half-and-half by accident and drank half a pint of it before I realized the mistake, and read the evaluation of today’s lesson.  I am so happy about it!  If I can only keep up the good lessons and get more good “reviews” then my job hunt might have good prospects.  Wish me good luck.  God bless!